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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Sea Siren Sue

This is my entry for a Gustav Klimt Challenge...Finally fini!!! It is painted on an 8x8" canvas board, and is a mixed media piece. I used my face from several snapshots I took and painted with acrylics, nail polish and glued on confetti papers.

Thanks to Gritty Jane DesRosier at http://grittyjane2011.blogspot.com/ for thinking of this whole fun challenge, I would have never tried this...it has opened my eyes and mind...

Monday, October 17, 2011

More of My Klimt Challenge Painting

I was able to get more work completed on my painting...I thought I would have it done and my next painting rolling along...but sometimes life takes the side roads and ...SuRpRiSe!!! You have to deal with it and let other things take the back seat for a while. I added some modeling paste to the hair for a hair-like feel...and some confetti that I glued down in pieces for the background and I still have a lot of painting and tweeking in that area, but I think I am happy with the results, so far....

Friday, October 7, 2011

Decided to try a challenge on FB

I saw a challenge from one of my Favorite artist's Jane DesRosier.... who wanted everyone to have a fun time and do their version or interpretation of a Gustav Klimt painting...she posts them everyday on Face Book and they are amazing... so I decided to join in on the fun...I am painting myself as a sea siren, you can see the real one and my interpretation...I hope to finish it tomorrow...I just started it today, so be kind...! What a fun lady Jane is...Just look her up on FB and you will see all the lovely works.