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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Yesterday's Attempt

It was freezing in the studio on Friday and that made it really difficult to be there let alone paint. Anyway, this is the latest, probably looks the same to you all but there are some subtle differences, it is difficult to pick up the true look with my pics.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

New Day ...More Painting...

Well, here is my painting after today, I still have a lot to do, but it is coming along ...
I will be back in the studio tomorrow working with a woman who has Parkinson's Disease and wants to paint her 3 Grandchildren while she still can, so our goal is Christmas! She is a true sweetheart and in my class, and wants extra help, so my instructor asked me and I was more that blessed.
I still have to stretch my next canvas and prep it for a landscape for next week...my photos all are disappointing, you would think with the fall colors it would be easy, but it has mostly been dreary until this week when I have been couped up studying for mid-terms! My life!!!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Another Tumble...OUCHHH!!!

I finally decided to share my latest fall from grace with you all...It is a good one.

I was cleaning out the cat's litter boxes...oh yeah, it gets better...and I was in my slippers, no wonder they call them slippers, I slip in them all the time and land on my asssss, ....any way, I keep one litter box at the landing on the steps going down to the basement. I was rushing trying to get my garbage out to get picked up and just as I was taking a step away from that litter box to continue down my stairs, I slippered...........splat!

My head hit a box I keep on the steps that has old wine bottles in it and I cracked the back of my head on a bottle, but this is the amazing part, I landed on my ass in the litter box. (I will pause here so you can finish laughing)...................................................

At first I was stunned, I think my head injury was sinking in...and then I realized I was sitting in the litter box...hmmmm, the good part...and yes, there is one!... was that it was a good cushioning or else I probably would have broken my ass. I thought if only I had a video of this I could send it in to that TV show and probably win some much needed money!

Then as I looked around , as if to see if someone else witnessed this, you know when you trip on some invisible object in public and look to see who is laughing at you????.....well, I was being watched, and Tigrrr just stared at me and Precious just flicked her tail in disgust and walked away. They will never let me live that one down...Oh, and Tigrrr still stares at me...see he's doing it again in the photo!
Oh! the Humiliation...

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Day 5...???

Well, it is hard to tell but I really did several hours of work on this today! I did not like the back ground ...and finally changed it to a completely black one...the paint underneath was still wet and so it may appear a bit on the gray side...but in a few days I will paint over it...

I only have a little more time on this one before it is due on Tues...did you notice the dismal weather in the window in the pic??? It is only in the low 40's during the day and predicting snow later this weekend!!!

I need a hot tea with lemon and a shot of whiskey for these cold lonely nights!!!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Day 4

Today's progress...doesn't look like much, but it was! My canvas is a bit distorted with my camera lens.!! Tomorow is another day! These are due on Tuesday! Next project is a landscape....hummmm!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

My Third Day

Here is my latest attempt to paint this still life! Please forgive, I know it doesn't look so good now, but this is a glaze of colors over the sepia colors. They are not exact by any means and showing it at this stage is risky...but what the hey! I will show the progression each day that I can be in the studio...the painting is due to be finished on Tues of next week and I am panicking...what else is new!!! And the next painting is a landscape...I want to stretch a canvas that is maybe a yard long 36" x 12" in height! We have to work from a photo and I want to expand on that..naturally!! HA HA!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Second Day Of Painting

I completed my oil wash and now I am ready to add my color! I like it just the way it is, reminds me of those old sepia toned photos.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Just Starting This One

Sorry for the blurry focus, I must have moved a bit!

This is my current class project.We are to paint a section from the still life that I have pictured. Can you tell what section I am painting?

The medium is oil paint, I just love it! I thought I would show the steps in the progression of this painting. I just started blocking in my shapes, darks and lights in a sienna color wash. I sketched it out in charcoal first and I love how the charcoal and oils mix, it is a nice effect.