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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Day 5...???

Well, it is hard to tell but I really did several hours of work on this today! I did not like the back ground ...and finally changed it to a completely black one...the paint underneath was still wet and so it may appear a bit on the gray side...but in a few days I will paint over it...

I only have a little more time on this one before it is due on Tues...did you notice the dismal weather in the window in the pic??? It is only in the low 40's during the day and predicting snow later this weekend!!!

I need a hot tea with lemon and a shot of whiskey for these cold lonely nights!!!


  1. I enjoyed looking at your art. I esp like the vampire at the top.

  2. beautiful work, SuZi!

    hard to say
    where the world ends
    and your Art begins!

    lovely (and scary) site!

  3. Awesome Suzi!
    Love your site.. but I am scared! Yikes.. !
    hugs, Darlene xo