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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Ghost of a Flower

"You're what?" asked the common or garden spook
Of a stranger at midnight's hour.
And the shade replied with a graceful glide,
"Why, I'm the ghost of a flower."
"The ghost of a flower?" said the old-time spook;
"That's a brand-new one on me;
I never supposed a flower had a ghost,
Though I've seen the shade of a tree."

Friday, September 25, 2009

Meet my friend, Pam

My friend Pam with her vintage-themed Halloween table.

Pam made these adorable favors that hold candy, I think she needs to sell them!

And this table runner is awesome, out of crepe paper and with a vintage die-cut Halloween cat added for more charm.

Wanted to share some pics from the local Art Center...they put on a really cool event where people decorate table tops with all sorts of fabulous table/party settings and then hold an auction. My gal pal Pam, (she and I went to the Country Living Magazine antique show last week) got to decorate a table and I fell in love with it! She is so artistic and has so many wonderful ideas, I keep wanting her to start a blog and sell her lovely creations. She is the ultimate Miss Rummage Romance! She can take anything and make it special.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Country Living Magazine Antique Show!!!

You have to wait for the photos, my gal friend will email them to me, and I will post them...I did not take my camera...but my dear friend "Pam" did, bless her 6 ft tall heart!yeah, yeah I know, I should have taken my camera...but it was just more stuff to carry and I am on a serious mission at this type of event. You see, I am a collector of all things unusual and fun...and primitive, and antique, and eclectic...I guess everything and anything that grabs my artistic muse!

So, this venue was 2 hours from us and we attended last year and would not miss it again ...being that close to us. We are fans of the publication (for ever) and we were in Suzi/Pam (my friend) Heaven!!!

We bought crinolines from a fabulous booth and we were the hit...everyone was asking where we got them and we sent them to the booth and they sold out of all 20 that they brought from out West!!! But you have to imagine...we were in our jeans and had these tutu things on walking all around! Hey, you gotta make some noise! Right! People were taking pictures, it was too fun!

Anyway, we both got away today with some fab finds, that we, of course...could not live without!!! I got the coolest French dictionary, wow... was that heavy to carry all over the place.....and no, I do not speak French (teaching myself Italian, though)...but it was so lovely...

Thursday, September 17, 2009

School In-Class Assignment

I am in an oil painting class this fall. Even thought I know how to paint with oils, I feel that there is always something to learn...and being around other artistic people really inspires me. The still life we had to work from is full of "stuff" and we had to pick our subject and go from there. The middle photo was my choice, and I took the liberty to change it on the canvas.
Now, I know the colors are off, but we had to paint an entire painting in complimentary colors, and I choose red with it's compliment...green. So, as the artist, I decide what I want to be red and green and I am looking at light to guide me in my painting.
This was also a lesson in seeing the "light." And then we can see the shadows and forms that makeup the objects...
This piece took me about 3-4 hours to paint. It was fun, watching it come together after I was a bit intimidated at first. I just got right into it and the time flew by.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Some Halloween Fun

One of my Halloween sculpts, this guy is a bit tipsy on some potion the witches are brewing...He is sitting in a black cocktail glass and has a cocktail in one 'twig' hand. The twigs are from my yard and I used crepe paper and fuzzy balls to decorate this guy. He is made out of paper clay and then painted with acrylics and sealed with a gloss.
He would be fun as a center piece for a Halloween cocktail party, he stands over a foot tall.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

A Classic...

Christopher Walken is one of my all time favorite actors and just men in general. Whenever he is on Saturday Night Live, I am watching. I found the music clip from that show and it is truly a classic! More Cowbell anyone?

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Of Course I Had To Buy This!!!

Well, I decided to post something funny! My life has been in turmoil and LIFE has been rearing it's ugly head at me in all directions...so I thought not only could I use a good laugh, but let everyone else benefit from it, too! This is hysterical! It is air freshener for your car and since I am a cat lover, well...I could not resist. And whenever I look at it, I smile.
The smaller print reads.."Hang the Butt where it stinks" and "Nothin' smells like a Cat Butt"
Well, I have been laughing MY butt off ever since.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Party Pics

I had the most fun in Florida with my girlfriend and her friends. Lynne, the blonde with the pixie cut, and I have been friends since birth, literally, she was at my 1st birthday party, we grew up together and our parents are still back home in the same houses we grew up in! We were always creative and imaginative, we played outside and would draw for hours...we took an oil painting class from an ancient lady in our town when we were in grade school. We were in dancing school together every Saturday from age 4... The strange part is that we were both so talented in art and grew up to be successful artists. I remember us creating the backdrops for the prom photos...and painting windows in town and at the high school with Halloween and Christmas art! We are a good pair! We can almost read each other, I was there in FL creating her new web site...www.lynneparrish.com and she was writing her info and we were so in sync.
Anyway I surprised her at her 50th surprise party that her great husband planned and the first shot is back at her house with another artist friend, and the next one is of us at the restaurant on the beach in Clearwater, FL...it was fantastic and so was the sunset, of course, I never got any pictures of that!!! Party on......