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Friday, September 25, 2009

Meet my friend, Pam

My friend Pam with her vintage-themed Halloween table.

Pam made these adorable favors that hold candy, I think she needs to sell them!

And this table runner is awesome, out of crepe paper and with a vintage die-cut Halloween cat added for more charm.

Wanted to share some pics from the local Art Center...they put on a really cool event where people decorate table tops with all sorts of fabulous table/party settings and then hold an auction. My gal pal Pam, (she and I went to the Country Living Magazine antique show last week) got to decorate a table and I fell in love with it! She is so artistic and has so many wonderful ideas, I keep wanting her to start a blog and sell her lovely creations. She is the ultimate Miss Rummage Romance! She can take anything and make it special.