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Friday, September 4, 2009

Party Pics

I had the most fun in Florida with my girlfriend and her friends. Lynne, the blonde with the pixie cut, and I have been friends since birth, literally, she was at my 1st birthday party, we grew up together and our parents are still back home in the same houses we grew up in! We were always creative and imaginative, we played outside and would draw for hours...we took an oil painting class from an ancient lady in our town when we were in grade school. We were in dancing school together every Saturday from age 4... The strange part is that we were both so talented in art and grew up to be successful artists. I remember us creating the backdrops for the prom photos...and painting windows in town and at the high school with Halloween and Christmas art! We are a good pair! We can almost read each other, I was there in FL creating her new web site...www.lynneparrish.com and she was writing her info and we were so in sync.
Anyway I surprised her at her 50th surprise party that her great husband planned and the first shot is back at her house with another artist friend, and the next one is of us at the restaurant on the beach in Clearwater, FL...it was fantastic and so was the sunset, of course, I never got any pictures of that!!! Party on......


  1. you are blessed to have such a wonderful friendship. I just about fell off my chair when I read it was her 50th birthday! You both look fabulous!
    glad you both had fun :-)

  2. Hey Suzi,

    It was so nice meeting you at Lynne's party, wish we could have spent more time together...you'll just have to come back down soon!

    Your blog site is awesome, good job.
    Hope to see ya soon! Lisa

  3. can't help it...
    had to come back
    for another peek!


  4. Isn't it great having a lifelong friend that can tell what you are going to say before you say it? I have one of those, too. It is great!! How nice (and fun) that you went to FL to surprise her.

  5. Ciao!!! I'm glad you enjoyed it. ciaooo!

  6. Thanks everyone, and Lisa I hope you did not mind me posting the photo with you in it,too!