I am Strong. I am Not Perfect. I am Willing to Try. I am Open-Minded. I am Flawed. I am Loved. I am Full of Potential. I am Gifted. I am Not Believing the Hype. I am Facinating. I am Woman.

Saturday, February 28, 2009

My Eyes Hurt!

WoW! I painted and posted several pieces yesterday. Take a look-see and let me know your thoughts...My eyes actually ache, an eyeache! From strain, no less. I need new glasses or contacts every year now...uGh! I would like to do the same today, but I am on my way to visit my 83 year old Mom, a three time cancer survivor!!! And all three cancers were not related.

Tomorrow night I will get back to the drawing board, so much art to do and SO little time!!!! Happy Saturday Everyone!

Friday, February 27, 2009

Wild Thing

The antics of cats...mine would do this. And wear the hat,too!
I have one that used to jump on my shoulders when she was a baby...ouch. And climb my pant leg if I was eating cereal. It was hysterical and painful all at the same time. She is 12 years old now and still likes cereal. Her name is Katee, Katee KookyBird.
This little kitty is totally content to be on Mommy's head. He is wearing a tiny party hat I made from newspaper scraps and painted purple. The heart on Mommy's t-shirt is cut from red tissue paper. Painted with watercolors and pencil. The kitty has a clear sparkly gloss over him, but it does not show in this picture.


Her eyes are so velvety and rich. You can tell she would watch over you and protect you.
Another mixed media with watercolors, pencil and Bible pages for her wings.


We've all been there...a heart can ache for many reasons. Sometimes the ache never goes away, even though we may feel better. The thing about love is that it is wonderful and painful at the same time. I would rather live with heartaches, knowing I loved and was loved...Give your love. The more you give, others will give it back. We all need to feel loved.

This little mixed media piece is painted with watercolors. I used tissue paper and a heart punch for the floating red hearts and her necklace. I have nail polish with tiny red hearts in it and used that to glaze her black hair.

Dream On...

"If life is but a Dream...Dream On!"
I like that statement. Keep dreaming, our dreams are what can drive us forward in life. The possibilities are endless. It is never too late to follow that dream, who knows where it can take you. Enjoy the journey of life and the dreams that keep us going.
This is another mixed media piece with watercolors, pencil, rubber stamps and lots of love painted into it.

Be the Queen

This watercolor mixed media is titled, "Be the Queen of Your Kingdom". I used watercolors, pencil, scrap papers and my glitter nail polish! I think everyone should be the Queen (or King) in their own world... Our world is what we make it. Everyday. Sometimes it is a rough place to be in, and at times like that, we need to keep our perspectives and realize tomorrow is another day. And yes, Life does go on.
And on those days when the sun is shining in your heart and soul, look around and smile at just one person. Cause maybe, they are having one of those rough days. And your Kingdom will be even brighter for that kind gesture.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Who We Are...

This is another 4" x6" watercolor mixed media piece. I really liked how her face turned out, she seems very serene. I used watercolor, pencil and pasted paper. The angel's gown is made from Bible pages that I pasted on and added some faded color with coppery dots. You can't see the sparkle in the copper color, but it shimmers! Also, the sparkles in her wings does not show up, but I used the clear nail polish with the glitter in it and loved the result. Will I ever use it on my nails??? I am having fun with these little paintings and the watercolors. I can do them quickly and will be adding more!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Touched with Love...

This is a watercolor I did today in a frantic hurry before heading off to Drawing class tonight. I have not worked in watercolor in ages, but enjoyed the spontaneity.
She, my Angel, is created with watercolor paints and outlined in pencil. I used actual bible pages of the psalms for her wings and added some decorative paint for the wing structure. I used some black pencil for the shadow contrast. You probably will not believe this, but I used nail polish for her wings and halo...sparkling paint. Too bad it does not show up with my scan!!! It is a gloss with glitter added to it. I had it on hand...I have even used mascara brushes...be creative with what you have!!!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

My Studio News

Sorry I haven't posted any new work for a few days, but I am in a transitional period. I am having some neat old furnishings that have been in storage, delivered to my home studio today!!! Yeah...and I have been trying to figure out where everything is that has been packed away and where to put it all after I find it! It is like Christmas. If you are anything like me...The Ultimate PackRat...we sometimes forget about some of the treasures we have stashed away for that perfect project!

I have started three small scale paintings and one new sculpt. But, probably will not have them finished for a day or two. I will take some pics of my studio spaces. I have a small "doll" house and decided to use my living and dining rooms for my studio. This will be very interesting...I will keep you all posted!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Will It Ever Stop Snowing?

Doesn't this little character look like she is asking that same question?? I know everyone is tired of the snow and cold, but for some reason today, I decided to share her with you. Maybe because
it is extremely windy and snowing here this morning, so I figured I'd pay tribute to Winter today, since Spring is on it's way!
This is "SnowFlake" wearing one of her crowns. I made her out of paper clay. She is painted with acrylics and I used a clear gloss sealer that I added pixie dust to for extra glamor and sparkle! Her crown is created from cardboard and embellished with gold garland. She is fun to keep out year round.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Say a prayer for the broken hearted
To get back up and get it started again
Say a prayer for the broken hearted
Say a prayer for love.
-Patti Scialfa, Play it as it lays

Nature Walkin'

Today, I saw two Blue Jays playing in the trees in my backyard! I can hear birds singing here and there! I love those sounds of life...

So, I thought it appropriate to introduce this little painting. I used acrylics on bristol board. You can't tell from this picture, but the flowers are made out of tissue paper with gold flecks that sparkle. And I finished it with a protective gloss.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

Sassy and her Tigrrr! What a pair...they are from the same litter and love each other so much! They cuddle a lot of the time, but look how they are holding each other's paw!!!! Tigrrr is such a lover boy and he will cry out from another room and I let him know where I am, and he comes running...for his hug. And Sassy comes up to me all the time just to give me a hug. We can learn a lot about love from our pets...And I dedicate my Valentine's Day to ALL of my babies. Without them in my life, I'd be lost...

Key West Intermezzo (I Saw You First)

No one wants to be lonely, no one wants to sing the blues...

She's perched like a parrot on his tuxedo shoulders...
Christ ,what's she doing with him,
she could be dancing with me...

She stirs the ice in her glass with her L.A. gun finger...
I want to be what she's drinking...
I just want to be...

I saw you first, I'm the first one tonight, I saw you first ,
don't that give me the right...
to move around your heart, everyone was lookin',
but I saw you first...
-John Mellencamp

Friday, February 13, 2009

My Brother and Mama

This is a pic I took of my Italian Mama and older brother, Bill when he and his family visited just a few weeks ago at a place in Wheeling WV, Oglebay Park. Bill, my brother is 4 years older than me and I know, I said in another message, he doesn't have one gray hair ladies..!!! And that beautiful woman next to him is our Italian Mama, Mary, 83 yrs. old and a cancer survivor, of not just one type of cancer,but three unrelated cancers. She is my hero, and also my Daddy, but he is for another story. Mom's sister, brother, mother and father died from cancer. Cruel...
My brother Bill has a beautiful wife, Katrina, and a fab son, my nephew, Bryce, who I love like my own, he is the closest thing to me ever having a child of my own, since I was never able to...and can you believe it!!!??? Bryce loves to do ART!!! hummmm!!! But, he recently told me he wants to be a Mountaineer....I had these high hopes of him attending one of those prestigious art schools I could only dream about. But this little Angel wants to be a Mountaineer, I think Dad influenced him from the womb...Katrina, am I right?? Let's Go Mountaineers...Almost Heaven...West Virginia...it is sooo true, beautiful country! And let's face it, we love our football in this area. Live for it...high school, college, be it WVU or Ohio State, and , of course, the Pgh Steelers....you have not lived until you have been to a Steeler's game and tailgate!! I do miss living there!
Beside us, Behind us,
Before us, Below us.
In every imaginable place
someone is by our side.

Wings of Gold

This angel was painted on a beveled edge wooden board. I used acrylics. Then I added wings of gold that I had made with a heavy card stock that I covered with tissue paper and painted gold. I like the dimensional look in person, the photo does not show that. She has a gloss protective finish.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Sassy Spots a Bird

Sassy is Tigrrr's sister, I call them the twins. They do everything together. They are BIG farm cats, that I rescued, they were saturated with fleas, it was the worst I had ever witnessed. I immediately gave them baths and they were so tiny and scared, but the vet said I did a great job, then I showed her my scratches, my tee shirt I had to toss cause they scratched that to shreds.
Sassy is a dog in a cat's coat...she plays fetch better than most dogs I know. She has little bouncy soft balls or her fuzzy yarn balls that she brings to me and drops them in front of me and mews until I throw it for her to bring it back...this goes on and on, then Tigrrr, the smart boy that he is, learned to do this by observation. So, sometimes he retrieves it and she does this huff noise in frustration.
She brings those balls to me at the strangest times...always when I am taking a bath...she comes over and drops it in the water, then I have to throw it. Or when I am in bed trying to sleep, she comes up to my face and drops it and mews until I start this game. I have learned to play dead and after a few minutes, she gets bored and falls to sleep!
She was named Sassy because she always sassed me, she is very demanding and vocal. Perfect name...

Waylon, Willie, and the Boys

"I don't need my name
in the marquee lights,
I got my song and
I got you with me tonight.
Maybe it's time we got back
to the basis of love."
-Waylon, Willie,and the Boys
I had the honor of seeing Waylon Jennings perform in place of Willie Nelson,
who was suffering from a collapsed lung...he took Willie's place
and I am thankful that I got to see this wonderful artist in person,
before he left us....too soon.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A Bird in the Hand

This was fun to paint!
I used acrylics and added some scrap newspaper for her hat, then added color to it. This was painted on bristol board and finished with a clear protective gloss.
I heard some birds singing the other morning and thought Spring is right around the corner!

Mae West

"Too Much
of a Good Thing
Can be Wonderful!"
-Mae West

Monday, February 9, 2009


This is my BIG boy Tigrrr.

He is a big farm cat that I adopted along with his twin Sassy, when they were just babes...being taken to the pound, until I rescued them from that experience. I had just buried my baby, Tinker Bell and was still mourning her and these little babies came into my life unexpectedly. Couldn't resist...

Joy and love are the gifts they have given me and I cherish every moment. Tigrrr is Mama's shadow, loves to watch me put on my make-up and sleep with me...always by my side, such a lover of a boy, more so than the female cats. He loves my empty Maybelline mascara bottle, one of his fav toys! And my brushes, whether it is for make-up, hair or painting, he is on the prowl...

The Wonder Years

Ah, the good ole' days...my brother and I getting our picture taken before we marched in the Fourth of July parade. I was in every parade and attended dancing school with my 2 best gal pals. Look out, I can still BUST-A-MOVE baby!

WoW, if only Bruce Springsteen would pull me up on stage to twist with him........,,,,,!!!!!!...oh sorry, I got carried away there with my thoughts for a momento. I could watch him forever...why, I do believe that his music is playing on my CD right this second...

Back to the photo...

Yeah, I was really that blond!!! What happened???? And I could probably still fit into that! My brother probably wishes he had his old uniform to hand over to his son, Bryce. He is about that size now. I am pretty sure my chihuahuas are glad I don't have my old uniforms to dress them up in! Aahh-ohh, Pinky can read my thoughts, I swear, cause she just looked at me with those popped-out eyes of hers and jumped off her couch and ran underneath!!! We always did have a special bond...Sidnie, on the other hand, likes to chew up the little and I mean little dresses I got for them to wear when it is cold outside. They are always outside their toy box, ripped more and more...then, I say to her "you better stop ripping your dress up or Mama will make you wear it!" Then she looks at me with her popped-out eyes and runs away with one in her mouth. She's a sassy one, that girl!
Hey, Sidnie, isn't that Dancing in the Dark playing on Mama's CD player?? She loves to dance too, I guess she got that from me! We gonna bust-our-moves...

I've Been Framed

This is a sort-of self-portrait...I know, I know, you are asking, what the heck (pardon my Italian) does she mean by "sort-of?"

I am always changing my hair color and it used to be reddish-blond with streaks of darker red and lighter blond...very artsy. Or so, I thought, anyway. I go from having short hair to growing it back long... to short...vicious cycle, I must say! But, that's me... always have to keep changing or reinventing myself.

After I painted this, I got long hair extensions while growing it out (again), but after 6 months of that, I took them out and discovered my hair was totally damaged !!!%#***??" OOOHHH Yeah, and I'll say that again, !!!%#***??". I mean, really...I thought my hair would grow and when I took them out I would have nice longer hair again...OH NOoooo...

So now, I look like this again. But enough about me...blogh, blogh, blogh...

This little painting is done in acrylics and placed in a frame that I grunged up . Then, I mounted it on a painted canvas board for more fun...

Millions of Spiritual Creatures walk the Earth
Unseen, both when we wake, and when we sleep:
All these with ceaseless praise his works behold
Both day and night.
-John Milton

Delivering Stars

This Angel delivers stars every night. I would say she does a darn good job!
I painted the canvas and then painted the angel and stars on canvas paper. I cut them out and glued into place. She is made up of several collage papers that I added more color to. Her crown and stars are newspaper scraps that I also added color to. I gave her a glossy protective finish.

Metamorphosis Me-Oh-My

Metamorphosis: complete change in form, character, or substance...hummm...sounds like what I am going through. ChaNGe is good, so they say, whoever they are...

In May, I will be hitting the 50 mark, there, I said it loud and proud and even in a bold typeface. I guess I feel like I'm in my 20s and look younger, thanks to good Mom and Dad genes, but those aches and pains are starting, ugh. Oh yeah, and the gray hair...hey, that's what hair color is for! No problemo...but the gray ones in my eyebrows are really starting to get on my last nerve, so I got this great pencil for that too. Now, if they only made a pencil or crayon for the laugh lines that I could color away, I would be one happy chick. And my older (by 4 yrs.) brother doesn't have one gray hair...what's up with that??? Sometimes the Gods like to play dirty jokes...

Well, I finally went to the local YMCA and started weight training again, after uhmmm ,hmm, oh who's counting...years. And I am starting the vitamin thing, again...is it okay to take them with my daily glass of red wine? Oh, you really don't think I would do that, come on, I think a cosmopolitan cocktail would be best!

Anyway, this is going to be a year of great things, for one, 50 and fabulous! And my art is ever evolving and I am excited about the work, I just need to find ways to make some cash. I always worked for an Ad Agency or Studio, etc., and now I am on my own, but know that I can make it happen. I get such inspiration from seeing what others are creating and doing with success.

I think I need to go and stretch out my newly worked out muscles...I sure hope that they do have muscle memory...but, of course like me, they probably don't remember as well as they used to!!!!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Commissioned Series

This set of six paintings was commissioned by the Marietta/Washington County Convention and Visitor's Bureau, Marietta, OH, for their 2008 advertising and promotional materials. This illustrated print campaign earned two regional and three national awards. Print ads were placed in various publications, newspapers and billboards throughout the state. Marietta, OH is a unique boutique arts community with several colleges. My whimsical style captured a fun, fresh look for them and I will be working with the CVB again in 2009 adding more paintings to this already successful series. The illustrations are printed on note cards, coffee mugs and two sizes of prints available for purchase at "The Gallery" in Marietta,OH, 740-374-5782.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Goldie at her Window

This is a picture of my girl "Goldie". It was taken for a photography class project last fall.
She was starving and would come around... all the strays some how seem to know to come to my house...I think they tell each other that this lady is a real sucker for animals and will feed them and give them water! I sometimes feel like Snow White, in the movie whenever she goes outside, all the birds and woodland creatures come running to her...well, that's me. Except I don't sing to them like she does...hummm...maybe if I did they would stay away, my voice was NOT meant to sing.
Anyway, I always worried when Goldie would be gone for long periods of time, and when she would show up, she was always so tiny and sweet. So, one day, I finally decided to take her to the vet and had her cleaned and checked over and brought her home. She is a tiny, petite cat with a sweet disposition. Something bit the tip of her left ear off. You can see it in this picture! She hums a lot. I guess she knows Mama can't sing, so she does!

Smarty Pants

This is a mixed media piece. I used acrylics and collage with old dictionary pages for her hat and outfit. And with my twisted sense of humor I added a highlighter in yellow to highlight the definition of "smart"!!
She is dancing around strips of dictionary scraps. Just looking at her makes me want to get up and bust-a-move myself! Where's my CD player...

The Lady is a Vamp

Her dentist must love her....This green-eyed wonder was fun to paint. She is painted with acrylics on a small size canvas board, 5" x 7". This is a great size for me to experiment with, since the process can go really fast. Naturally, sealed with a clear protective gloss.
Wouldn't she make a great Halloween card...let me know your thoughts on that idea!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Today, another cold , snowny day here in West Virginia...Beautiful. I found out one of my drawings for class will be in a student show here in March...totally cool...(I am back in school after 27 years, but who's counting)...I mean, I still get carded!!!! What a Compliment!!!


This Cheerful character is appropriately named "Cheer."

"Cheer" is an acrylic painting with collage elements added for interest and depth. The sign that he holds spells cheer and is individually cut out with dimensional paint and cut-out letters for each panel. Also, a sparkly paint is added, but unfortunately does not show up in the photo.

"Cheer" is finished with a clear protective gloss to bring out the colors. Hopefully , my little friend will bring some cheer your way, I will be coming adding a sculpture of him...soon, stayed tuned.!!!

What a Tall Hat You Have

This is one of my sculpted characters. Naturally, I choose this one to share with you since it is snowing again. Will it ever stop???

I made him out of paper clay and painted his face with acrylics and added clear gloss with my special pixie dust for sparkle! He is also made up of a paper mache box that I painted and embellished with a special frilly collar. His tall hat has ribbon trim and a sparkly puff for more pizazz. His eyes are from bent bottle caps, one of many ideas that I thought of and now I use them all the time. The eyelashes are made from black crepe paper.

For Maggie

I painted this yesterday for a friend whose daughter owned Maggie. Maggie was just a sweet puppy whose life was taken too soon by the angels.

It was a difficult portrait for me to do looking into those soulful eyes that she had.

Keep flying, Maggie...

The Kiss

This is one of my oil paintings. It shows a different style completely separate from the more whimsical art I create.

I used layers and layers of glazes that I built upon to get the final look. I finished it with a protective gloss coat that really brought out the richness of the colors.