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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

My Studio News

Sorry I haven't posted any new work for a few days, but I am in a transitional period. I am having some neat old furnishings that have been in storage, delivered to my home studio today!!! Yeah...and I have been trying to figure out where everything is that has been packed away and where to put it all after I find it! It is like Christmas. If you are anything like me...The Ultimate PackRat...we sometimes forget about some of the treasures we have stashed away for that perfect project!

I have started three small scale paintings and one new sculpt. But, probably will not have them finished for a day or two. I will take some pics of my studio spaces. I have a small "doll" house and decided to use my living and dining rooms for my studio. This will be very interesting...I will keep you all posted!

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