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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Will It Ever Stop Snowing?

Doesn't this little character look like she is asking that same question?? I know everyone is tired of the snow and cold, but for some reason today, I decided to share her with you. Maybe because
it is extremely windy and snowing here this morning, so I figured I'd pay tribute to Winter today, since Spring is on it's way!
This is "SnowFlake" wearing one of her crowns. I made her out of paper clay. She is painted with acrylics and I used a clear gloss sealer that I added pixie dust to for extra glamor and sparkle! Her crown is created from cardboard and embellished with gold garland. She is fun to keep out year round.


  1. How adorable!

    I heard her say, spring is coming!

  2. She really does look like she is thinking that! Glad I found your blog. Catherine

  3. Thanks soo much! I love making my little characters. I will be introducing more.

  4. What a cute little snowman! or I mean snowgirl! Just found your blog. Your artwork is charming.

  5. Thanks for commenting on blog.

    I too, get so critical of me, this time of year.

    I feel pale. Feel like I need to exercise. Eat better. Start over.

    Maybe it's because we have too much time in the house to think?