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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Sassy Spots a Bird

Sassy is Tigrrr's sister, I call them the twins. They do everything together. They are BIG farm cats, that I rescued, they were saturated with fleas, it was the worst I had ever witnessed. I immediately gave them baths and they were so tiny and scared, but the vet said I did a great job, then I showed her my scratches, my tee shirt I had to toss cause they scratched that to shreds.
Sassy is a dog in a cat's coat...she plays fetch better than most dogs I know. She has little bouncy soft balls or her fuzzy yarn balls that she brings to me and drops them in front of me and mews until I throw it for her to bring it back...this goes on and on, then Tigrrr, the smart boy that he is, learned to do this by observation. So, sometimes he retrieves it and she does this huff noise in frustration.
She brings those balls to me at the strangest times...always when I am taking a bath...she comes over and drops it in the water, then I have to throw it. Or when I am in bed trying to sleep, she comes up to my face and drops it and mews until I start this game. I have learned to play dead and after a few minutes, she gets bored and falls to sleep!
She was named Sassy because she always sassed me, she is very demanding and vocal. Perfect name...

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  1. Oh how sweet! Tamale plays fetch too! She would even bring me little sticks if we were outside! She plays less now that she is older, but I did get it on video recently so I could prove it. It is at the bottom of my blog. Anyway, Sassy is VERY cute.