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Friday, February 13, 2009

My Brother and Mama

This is a pic I took of my Italian Mama and older brother, Bill when he and his family visited just a few weeks ago at a place in Wheeling WV, Oglebay Park. Bill, my brother is 4 years older than me and I know, I said in another message, he doesn't have one gray hair ladies..!!! And that beautiful woman next to him is our Italian Mama, Mary, 83 yrs. old and a cancer survivor, of not just one type of cancer,but three unrelated cancers. She is my hero, and also my Daddy, but he is for another story. Mom's sister, brother, mother and father died from cancer. Cruel...
My brother Bill has a beautiful wife, Katrina, and a fab son, my nephew, Bryce, who I love like my own, he is the closest thing to me ever having a child of my own, since I was never able to...and can you believe it!!!??? Bryce loves to do ART!!! hummmm!!! But, he recently told me he wants to be a Mountaineer....I had these high hopes of him attending one of those prestigious art schools I could only dream about. But this little Angel wants to be a Mountaineer, I think Dad influenced him from the womb...Katrina, am I right?? Let's Go Mountaineers...Almost Heaven...West Virginia...it is sooo true, beautiful country! And let's face it, we love our football in this area. Live for it...high school, college, be it WVU or Ohio State, and , of course, the Pgh Steelers....you have not lived until you have been to a Steeler's game and tailgate!! I do miss living there!

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