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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Who We Are...

This is another 4" x6" watercolor mixed media piece. I really liked how her face turned out, she seems very serene. I used watercolor, pencil and pasted paper. The angel's gown is made from Bible pages that I pasted on and added some faded color with coppery dots. You can't see the sparkle in the copper color, but it shimmers! Also, the sparkles in her wings does not show up, but I used the clear nail polish with the glitter in it and loved the result. Will I ever use it on my nails??? I am having fun with these little paintings and the watercolors. I can do them quickly and will be adding more!


  1. She's lovely! Love the colours.

  2. So pretty! I recently used bible pages on one of my pieces too but then after putting all that work into it, I painted and covered it up more than I'd planned! haha Oh, the joys and oops of layering!
    Yours looks great!

  3. Thank you! I love experimenting with different things. Sometimes the "oops" are greatness!