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Saturday, February 28, 2009

My Eyes Hurt!

WoW! I painted and posted several pieces yesterday. Take a look-see and let me know your thoughts...My eyes actually ache, an eyeache! From strain, no less. I need new glasses or contacts every year now...uGh! I would like to do the same today, but I am on my way to visit my 83 year old Mom, a three time cancer survivor!!! And all three cancers were not related.

Tomorrow night I will get back to the drawing board, so much art to do and SO little time!!!! Happy Saturday Everyone!


  1. Wow! 3 times? Your mom is so strong! Bless her! And you!

  2. Suzi...
    It is wonderful that your mom is a strong survivor and that you go visit her. My mom is 92 and had a kidney removed (cancer) a number of years ago!! She suffers with spinal stenosis, but is doing great mentally. Isn't it great to still have them with us??
    Happy painting! (I know what you mean about the eyestrain.) Yipes!! I do a lot of my painting at night - not good for the eyes. I prefer natural light. Oh well! Gotta paint when you can!!!

  3. Hey sis -

    Great job with the new drawings.

    Hope your doing well, noticed you have not blogged lately - talk to you soon.