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Monday, February 9, 2009

I've Been Framed

This is a sort-of self-portrait...I know, I know, you are asking, what the heck (pardon my Italian) does she mean by "sort-of?"

I am always changing my hair color and it used to be reddish-blond with streaks of darker red and lighter blond...very artsy. Or so, I thought, anyway. I go from having short hair to growing it back long... to short...vicious cycle, I must say! But, that's me... always have to keep changing or reinventing myself.

After I painted this, I got long hair extensions while growing it out (again), but after 6 months of that, I took them out and discovered my hair was totally damaged !!!%#***??" OOOHHH Yeah, and I'll say that again, !!!%#***??". I mean, really...I thought my hair would grow and when I took them out I would have nice longer hair again...OH NOoooo...

So now, I look like this again. But enough about me...blogh, blogh, blogh...

This little painting is done in acrylics and placed in a frame that I grunged up . Then, I mounted it on a painted canvas board for more fun...

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