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Monday, February 9, 2009

The Wonder Years

Ah, the good ole' days...my brother and I getting our picture taken before we marched in the Fourth of July parade. I was in every parade and attended dancing school with my 2 best gal pals. Look out, I can still BUST-A-MOVE baby!

WoW, if only Bruce Springsteen would pull me up on stage to twist with him........,,,,,!!!!!!...oh sorry, I got carried away there with my thoughts for a momento. I could watch him forever...why, I do believe that his music is playing on my CD right this second...

Back to the photo...

Yeah, I was really that blond!!! What happened???? And I could probably still fit into that! My brother probably wishes he had his old uniform to hand over to his son, Bryce. He is about that size now. I am pretty sure my chihuahuas are glad I don't have my old uniforms to dress them up in! Aahh-ohh, Pinky can read my thoughts, I swear, cause she just looked at me with those popped-out eyes of hers and jumped off her couch and ran underneath!!! We always did have a special bond...Sidnie, on the other hand, likes to chew up the little and I mean little dresses I got for them to wear when it is cold outside. They are always outside their toy box, ripped more and more...then, I say to her "you better stop ripping your dress up or Mama will make you wear it!" Then she looks at me with her popped-out eyes and runs away with one in her mouth. She's a sassy one, that girl!
Hey, Sidnie, isn't that Dancing in the Dark playing on Mama's CD player?? She loves to dance too, I guess she got that from me! We gonna bust-our-moves...

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