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Friday, January 30, 2009

Angels Three

I have always loved angels and cherubs. I have an extensive collection, too! So it would be only natural for me to use them in the many things I do.

These sweeties are painted with acrylics on a 4" x6" canvas board. I finished it with a clear gloss coat for protection and to bring out the warmth and richness of the colors.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Rockin' Snowman

I made this painting a few months ago. It is appropriate for today with all the ice and snow we have.

This is painted on bristol board with acrylics. It has a protective clear gloss that brings out the colors when you see it in person.

He is originally titled "Rockin' Around the Chtistmas Tree".

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Take Time to Bloom

As you can tell, I am channeling warm thoughts today...

I found this box some time ago at a thrift shop and did not know what to do with it until now. The box was already the blue color. As I was going through some paintings of mine, I came across this one. It matched perfectly, the painting fit exactly on top and the color blue I used couldn't have gone with the box color any better. So, I glued the painting to the top of the box and I love it! The lid opens up and there is also a drawer for more storage. I think it will be wonderful to use for my cash register at art shows. What do ya think??

The painting is acrylic with collage, scraps of used wrapping paper (that I save) make up the flowers and the letters in the saying are cut out and applied individually. It was finished with a clear protective gloss. Now, I think I need to sculpt a cool handle!

Baby, it's cold outside

I am stuck in my house for the second day in a row. The weather is icy and cold, but I am lucky that I can stay put and not have to go out for anything. Classes were canceled again today and I have been on my computer most of the day. As you can tell by the photo I took earlier today, baby it's cold outside! BRRRrrrr!!!!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Party Animal

This painting is one of my Cranky Cat characters.
"Party Animal" is painted with acrylics and collage. The border at the top is newspaper scraps and if you look closely, the word "party" is cut out and the letters applied individually to each panel. Size is 4" x 6", I use this size a lot. It is finished with a clear protective gloss that brings out the richness of the colors.

The Beginning...

I have been wanting to start an on-line journal of my art work for some time now. Today, I finally took that big step, but now it will be baby steps until I get this blog thing all figured out. I hope to post my works of whimsy and thoughts along this journey. Being inspired by other artists keeps me going and gives me the courage to keep doing what I love in this rough period with our economy.