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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Take Time to Bloom

As you can tell, I am channeling warm thoughts today...

I found this box some time ago at a thrift shop and did not know what to do with it until now. The box was already the blue color. As I was going through some paintings of mine, I came across this one. It matched perfectly, the painting fit exactly on top and the color blue I used couldn't have gone with the box color any better. So, I glued the painting to the top of the box and I love it! The lid opens up and there is also a drawer for more storage. I think it will be wonderful to use for my cash register at art shows. What do ya think??

The painting is acrylic with collage, scraps of used wrapping paper (that I save) make up the flowers and the letters in the saying are cut out and applied individually. It was finished with a clear protective gloss. Now, I think I need to sculpt a cool handle!


  1. this is awesome....my mom and I used to do crafts together. she died 10 years ago and I lost my desire to do them without her...lately I have been wanting to find my creative side seeing your works of art help me want that even more.

  2. I am sorry you lost your Mother, I lost my Dad about the same time...I am delighted to be able to inspire someone to do something creative! You may find it will help you feel connected to your Mother in a special way...