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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Rockin' Snowman

I made this painting a few months ago. It is appropriate for today with all the ice and snow we have.

This is painted on bristol board with acrylics. It has a protective clear gloss that brings out the colors when you see it in person.

He is originally titled "Rockin' Around the Chtistmas Tree".


  1. Nice painting. So, do you have snow there? Here in Greece we have winter but very little snow so far. Not at all, i would say...Good start to your blog...

  2. I like this one too...I have a collection of snowmen I break out once a year wish I had one that looked like this to add to it!!!! Keep sharing your work its awesome

  3. Thanks so much, with all the snow we have, I am keeping my snowmen out for a while! I will be adding snowmen sculptures soon. I also hope to start selling my work soon, I'll keep everyone posted.