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Friday, September 18, 2009

Country Living Magazine Antique Show!!!

You have to wait for the photos, my gal friend will email them to me, and I will post them...I did not take my camera...but my dear friend "Pam" did, bless her 6 ft tall heart!yeah, yeah I know, I should have taken my camera...but it was just more stuff to carry and I am on a serious mission at this type of event. You see, I am a collector of all things unusual and fun...and primitive, and antique, and eclectic...I guess everything and anything that grabs my artistic muse!

So, this venue was 2 hours from us and we attended last year and would not miss it again ...being that close to us. We are fans of the publication (for ever) and we were in Suzi/Pam (my friend) Heaven!!!

We bought crinolines from a fabulous booth and we were the hit...everyone was asking where we got them and we sent them to the booth and they sold out of all 20 that they brought from out West!!! But you have to imagine...we were in our jeans and had these tutu things on walking all around! Hey, you gotta make some noise! Right! People were taking pictures, it was too fun!

Anyway, we both got away today with some fab finds, that we, of course...could not live without!!! I got the coolest French dictionary, wow... was that heavy to carry all over the place.....and no, I do not speak French (teaching myself Italian, though)...but it was so lovely...


  1. excellent, SuZi!
    so glad you treated yourself!
    well deserved!


  2. Excellent !! This is great that you treated yourself !!Unseen Rajasthan

  3. hey there
    there's nothing quite like a day of foraging through rows of stalls & booths & finding that THING!oooooh the BUZZZZZZZZZZZZZ! I woud spend alot of my time while I was iving in France at the brocantes over there & can say I AM A JUNK ADDICT


  4. Sweet Suzi you are beautiful and it sounds like you had a lot of fun.

    I love the cowbell, that is a classic SNL.

    Thank you for your kind thoughts.

    Love Renee xoxo