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Monday, August 31, 2009

M.I.A...I'm Back...

"Life Is A Party...
Let's Get Out And Strut..."
-Mick Jagger, "Mixed Emotions"
Oh my Gawd!!! I had a jet setter kind of weekend...I flew to FL to surprise one of my best girlfriends for her surprise 50th B-Day party! It was so awesome and I am still feeling the great vibes! She is 3 months younger than me and was at my 1st B-Day party, and I have the pics...well my Mom has those...but we grew up together and both were artists and both of us became quite successful doing our art! We can be together and basically read each other's mind! What a blessing...I just got home this evening and miss her already! Her party lasted until 6am! She is truly blessed with many great friends!

I know I have not posted any art for a few weeks..but lots of things happening and lots of art being created ... just not ready to reveal...yet!


  1. Ooo... someone's got a secret!

    glad you had a great time in FL!
    she must have been dazzled to see you!

    welcome home, SuZi!

  2. Your new banner is too cute! Sounds like a really fun time! She was at your 1st b-day?! Wow how nice that is to have a life-time friend like that! Very special!