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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Is This Woman Really 84???

The woman on your left in the top photo...my Italian Mamma...Mary...holding my nephew, Bryce, who is now 10, and of course me...that photo was taken over 10 yrs ago...day before my Dad passed. The next photo is how she now looks...not bad, I say...And the comment everyone else thinks who has the privilege of meeting her. A 3 time( and 3 different) cancer survivor, my hero! My brother and his family came in from NC and we had a great weekend together. To the next 84, Momma...salute!
As I write this post, I am frying garlic, eggplant, tomatoes, and peppers (canned in oil) for a nice pasta dish for me, myself, and I. I wish my Mamma could enjoy this peasant dish with me! And of course, you too! Party on!!!


  1. Mamma Mary has 'Got It Going On'!!!

    ..and the brunette woman in the top pic is 'Drop-Dead-Gorgeous', imho. AND, apparently the lil' artist can Cook, too! WHOOoo!

  2. awwwwe! your mamma is soooo beautiful.. i see where u get it too. i have a beautiful italian mamma too! i am actually going to visit her this weekend and she is making me the same dish u just mentioned... how funny.

    congratulations to your mamma on being a 3x cancer survivor.


  3. She is beautiful! Your dish sounds wonderful--I love Italian food! In the summer I live on fresh mozzarella, olive oil, with fresh tomatoes and basil from my garden. Yummy!

  4. Happy Birthday, Mary!

    runs in the


  5. Hello, really enjoyed reading your posts - thank you for sharing !