I am Strong. I am Not Perfect. I am Willing to Try. I am Open-Minded. I am Flawed. I am Loved. I am Full of Potential. I am Gifted. I am Not Believing the Hype. I am Facinating. I am Woman.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Yeah, me again...with different hair...again! I change my hair a lot! I guess I am my own canvas...a painting that never dries, one that I am constantly adding layers of fresh paint and glazes to... A sculpture that I never finish...changing it's form, adding more clay...sometimes taking it away. Changing the features...with my moods.

This photo is from my sculpting days at Fenton Art Glass, I lost my job 2 years ago this month, due to the economy, importing...yadda, yadda yadda. The piece I am working on in the photo is a bunny box. I designed and sculpted the piece for the glass company to be produced in glass. This bunny figurine is also a box, the upper half lifts off.


  1. You are a chameleon...I would never have recognized that was you!

  2. I also say I am a chameleon...and thanks for the compliments!

  3. perfection
    in either direction...
    past, present