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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Playing Hook-eee...

Oh... I am hooked, alright! Love to hook rugs, etc...and I favor the primitive style-so freeing and open to all kinds of possibilities. The wool is cut into strips and hooked into burlap, monk's cloth, etc. The last photo shows the back, still lovely, in my opinion!
This piece is attached to a frame, no need to bind the edges...yeah! And it is a hit-or-miss pattern, with the colors and pattern being just whatever you want. I will be showing more pieces that I will be working on...great to do in the fall and winter...it is like painting with wool. And can be done anywhere, I like to work on them while paintings are drying or while listening to a book on tape.


  1. oooh, you rug hook too!!! Lovely. I work on hooking at night when I am not painting!

  2. This is looking wonderful! Makes me want to pull out my hoop and hook.