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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Dreams Do Come True

"Lose your dreams
and you might lose your mind."
-Mick Jagger
Okay...I will be the first to admit that I am not a very good singer, not even a bad singer...I am a horrible singer. I could not carry a tune even if my life depended upon it...but I always had the fantasy of being in a rock band...I would have even settled for a back-up-singer spot on a Rolling Stones tour, I know that is a bit much...but when I dream, I dream big.

Well as stupid as this sounds, I do still sing, usually in my car...all alone. So there I am driving and I turn onto a brick street...Low and behold, a Stevie Nicks song came on. Genius that I am, (keep remarks to yourselves)...I start thinking that if I sing along with her while driving along on this brick street (very bumpy), my voice would quiver just like hers does....OMG!!! I sounded just like her! Seriously!!!

Okay, so I am still not on tour with the Stones, but I did sound like a rock star for that one minute...yeah, yeah, I know...keep dreaming Suz.


  1. Suzi,
    Blase' came to my studio for a visit today and told me to check out your blog. I think it is great and I love your work.

  2. I wish you could see Kitty and her husbands's lil' place back all to itself. You would love it, SuziQ. Oh yes you would!

    Stevie Nicks. I'm sorry, but whenever 'One Wing Dove' comes over the radio...I have the urge to sit lil' Stevie on my lap and um...well...uh...SING, yes that's it, sing with her!

  3. Kitty, I love your work, too! Wish I could see the studio and your work in person.

    Blase'...thanks for telling Kitty about me! Wish I could have been there with you all!

    Gotz to luv Stevie!

  4. Suzi ahahhahahahaha I loved this post. And it's true, nobody admits " I'm an horrible singer!" :D
    I will follow you with pleasure! Ciao, Italo.

  5. Oh, Suzi, that was a perfect Monday laugh! I can just imagine you singing along in your car... Rock on!! :) Silke