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Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Some of my "stuff"..The hysterically funny (late) George Carlin did a whole schpeeeel on stuff...I totally relate! I have a lot of stuff...thought I would share...
That gypsy thing is a cigarette holder, put the cigs in the top, press a button, and one pops from her mouth...there is a broken one in her mouth at the moment. I never smoked, but totally love vintage gadgets. Those golf trophies were my Dad's... he was a lefty golfer, I want to golf and play baseball with my left, too! Even though right handed. The Indian doll is because I have some American Indian in my blood, my Dad's family lineage. I love really funky lamps and this cherub is one of my favorites, I have many slag and stained glass lamps with figures as the base. Those teddies are my WVU Mountaineer teds. One plays the fight song!!! I collect old toys, like the phones. The figures I have collected to give me ideas in my sculpting... Especially when I worked at Fenton Art Glass. And that hooked rug...I bought on a trip to Maine, when I was there for a catalog print press check. It is by Claire Murry and I also purchased one of her rugs Adam and Eve a really large piece...that was a prototype!!!! And can you believe I carried those on to the plane! I later got it framed. I am a hooker (RUG HOOKER)...that got your attention, huh! I love to hook primitive designs.


  1. Love the phones...and the gypsy!!!

  2. Lynne! That gypsy is awesome!!! I knew you would appreciate it! I need to get that stub out of her mouth and get a whole one...I still have my Dad's pack from 10 years ago...hummmm.

  3. I thought your Dad had some Indian in him from his pic, but you look like you have some Italian, too.

    Please don't pull that cig out of her mouth...she wouldn't know how to act without it. My first thought was for me to take it out of her mouth..kiss her lips..and place the cig back in. But, that's just me.

  4. Thank you for leaving me such sweet comments! I love your treasures! The cigarette holder is so cool! My fav is the little doll head in the third picture down...

  5. Neat stuff, Suzi!!! I, too, favor the doll head ~ is it one of the vintage planter heads?
    Love it.
    It is such fun to collect these things. Thanks for sharing.

  6. I do like my "stuff"...and that is a small head planter, Audrey.

    And yes, I am half Italian, my Mom is all 100%!

  7. A very interesting Greetings Blog

  8. all worthy stuff!
    and i love the stories behind each!