I am Strong. I am Not Perfect. I am Willing to Try. I am Open-Minded. I am Flawed. I am Loved. I am Full of Potential. I am Gifted. I am Not Believing the Hype. I am Facinating. I am Woman.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


There is a rainstorm inside of me, it has been brewing for a while.
Today, it shed it's first tear.
My eyes give me away...even after wiping away the salty trail of tears...
In the meantime, here is a lovely quote to live by...

Have a Heart that never Hardens,
A Temper that never Tires,
A Touch that never Hurts.
-Charles Dickens


  1. I love these words! Charles Dicken's is so caring and deep!
    Thank you so much for sharing these posts, I have so enjoyed coming over to see you here!

  2. the blues
    are for a reason...
    but don't stay there too long, SuZi.


  3. Ciao Suzi all feelings are good in life. Smiles, tears. You are a nice person, ciao Italo.
    PS: if DIckens were here now he'd add:
    "Have a blog without spams" :)

  4. Hi beautiful, what a lovely quote. I hope your feeling better soon.
    Kaili x