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Saturday, February 26, 2011

I'm Back!!!

After taking months off from my blog and art to be caregiver for my Mom...I have decided I needed to do my art for my own sanity! I am starting small with art journals...hopefully I can use them to vent, hope, pray and possibly some of the works will become a painting one day...I am so full of ideas and just do not have the time to do much for myself. But...I am where I should be...making my Mom as happy and comfortable for as long as the Spirits let her stay. I will only be able to post art once a week...but my observances and musings may still appear in between. It's great to be back...I sure missed my blogging community and the kindred spirits I have met on this blogland journey.

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  1. Suzi....
    I am happy to see you back. I think the time you spend arting and blogging is a good thing. You need a little time for yourself so that you are refreshed for the time you spend with your Mom.
    Last Sunday I added your Mom's name to our prayer list at church. I'm sure you already have many people praying for her, but now there are even more. We all know there is strength in numbers.
    Take care of yourself, Suzi.
    Enjoy your journals.
    ♥ audrey