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Saturday, February 13, 2010


It is now going on 4am...and I am up... again, repeat of last night! But, last night I could blame that for watching the movie, "Pulp Fiction"...it was on TV and I got sucked in. Tonight...the usual "can't sleep" so I sit up all night reading, watching TV and buying stuff I don't need from those home shopping shows...I could make art, but that gets me wired for sound and avoid it thinking it will keep me from feeling tired enough to sleep...Crazy, huh? Just think of all the stuff I could be making in these lost hours...maybe I need to re-think that.

I really thought I was headed for a lovely night of slumber...I was at the school all day and stood at my easel and painted with fellow students, trying to get some extra painting time in. I had a blast with everyone who was there, shared great music and art tips. Met some other art students from other classes...a great day. Felt wonderful mentally, but physically I am a train wreck...so out of shape. I know this because I was stuck at my Mom's in the snow and ice on Tues and had to shovel a lot of snow, break up ice and do a lot of lifting...then yesterday, I noticed I ached all over and thought I was getting sick again...well, today I realized it was my bones and muscles screaming at me, yelling...get your little butt to the gym!!! It is time...it should help with the insomnia, too! Now... where are my workout bras???? And Ibuprofin??? It sucks getting old...ugh.


  1. I know what you need to help you sleep. I hope one day you get it.

  2. I was having this trouble around Christmas time and someone suggested Tylenol Simply Sleep (or something like that). They said it helped so much and it's not addicting like the Tylenol pm.

    I never did get any because once the holidays passed, things in my head settled down and I was able to sleep normally again. Sure hope you can too!!