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Monday, February 22, 2010

"You Say Tomato..."

This is the actual set up in the classroom. I had to take a picture, since it all spoiled and was dismantled after a week.

Finally...FINI!!! This is a colored pencil study for Drawing II class. It measures 14 1/2" x 14 1/2" square on cold press illustration board. Talk about tedious, well we weren't talking about it, but now that I brought it up...wow, this took forever...I immediately decided I didn't like this medium too much. It requires that pencils be super sharp, so I was always having to stop to sharpen and also colors are created by layering...lots and lots...and did I say "lots" of layering.
I changed the background, my own artistic direction...I wanted to concentrate on the tomatoes...and guess what??? As this slowly progressed, I was hooked...what a fantastic medium!!! I am happy with the final result...and it just goes to show, never judge a medium by your first impression! Give it a try, an honest try,and you may surprise yourself...now I can continue to say, "I never met a medium I didn't like".


  1. Your tomatoes are better than the real thing! The are so shiny.....love them!!

  2. hey there , this is flippin' fantastic..
    I think you and colored pencil is a great mix!
    hehe , I love your new medium comment.. I just posted today about my medium addiction!! hehe

    i just wanna eat one of your tomatoes , they look so fab!!

  3. You gals are terrific!! I had such a time with those tomatoes! Lots of layering........