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Sunday, December 6, 2009

This sweetie was created for Fenton Art Glass when I was their sculptor and mould designer. That was 2 years ago, then the economy cracked and I was out of a job. If they wanted a figurine or something like that, I would create the original in clay. But, if it was a bowl or basket, I would create it in plaster and it was turned like wood on a lathe and then I would carve in the details with a knife and other tools...Gawd, I miss those days. They were recently featured on the Discovery Channel on the show "Dirty Jobs".

If you are a glass collector, check out their web site. In the mean time, I see a lot of old Fentonites at WVU-P where we all got to go back to college in WV. (I love Gov. Manchin...!) It is an extension campus of the West Virginia University campus that I attended briefly in my much younger college years, then opted out for art school in Pgh. PA!!!!


  1. Suzi! I came across this site in my email box. I have to say Thank You! I have collected Fenton for a few years now and probably the one piece of Fenton I have the most of is this mould. I cannot get enough of them. I love horses (Wish I had the real deal) but this is a great pleaser! Every time I look at one it makes me smile. I cannot draw a straight line with a ruler, so art amazes me. So thank you for creating this mould for Fenton. I look forward to getting my next one!

    Toni in Georgia

  2. Thanks so much Toni! Unfortunately the clay got a bit destroyed in the making of the mould process, ugh, it broke my heart, but it is still there in my old office along with all the others.