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Monday, December 7, 2009

Vibrating MascarA...???

Vibrating Mascara...saw it on Oprah... do I really need to have my eye-lashes vibrate!!!??? First of all, I think it would make me dizzy...I guess it is the new thing...But vibrating eyelashes could be a waste as opposed to what they could make really vibrate..I mean, we only live once!!!

I could think of plenty of other things that I wish could vibrate...why doesn't Victoria's Secret come up with a vibrating panty ... or bra...in all shapes and all sizes...there would be a lot of women walking around with smiles on their faces.


  1. Suzi, I am laughing out loud! You are on to something great though with the vibrating panties!! Love it! Meow....

  2. Holy cow! I can barely get my mascara on the right way with the wand still. I can't imiagine what it would look like if it were vibrating!

    You know, they DO make vibrating panties except you can't get them at VS. (No, I don't own a pair but I would probably stay in a lot better mood if I did!)