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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Weird Weather Today!

Today, I swear was the wildest day for temps and wind changes...it was 50-ish degrees when I started out this morning and very still...then the clouds and 50 mpr winds caused all kinds of havoc here in WV, I am safe, but many are out of power. Lots of sirens going off...scary. I swear again....I felt like I was blown to Kansas and had to buy red ruby slippers to click my way back to my WV home. Talk about a trip!!!!
This gorgeous gift from nature was today in the mid -afternoon when I was in the painting studio on campus. You can actually see the double rainbow...so beautiful, isn't our world beautiful, even in the midst of chaos. Good thing I carry my camera with me, you just never know when something so wonderful will appear. Even if it is a smile from a stranger....

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