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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Altered Book/Art Journal...my first attempt

The cover was a paper towel I used when I painted, I glued it down then painted over it with white glue watered down. When it dried, it dried with a sheen and hard coating...nice.

Final spread, I am not a smoker, but my Daddy was a living smoke-stack...the one on the right is a self portrait...they make me laugh.

Fourth spread...I was going to give her face details, but she spoke to me unfinished...and fit the quote perfectly.
Middle spread...supposed to pop up, her halo and wing tops, but does not want to participate. It is funny, I used Bible pages for her wings and the quote is about age...here it is the story of Noah and that he is 600 years old...Someone had to point that out to me, I never read it...so see, it is never too late!

Second spread...she is pure class with her Bee-Hive hair doooo. She is peeking out from an envelope. Inside is a special message!

First spread, using a ticket admitting one for the little bird is giving her a solo performance of his sweet songs.

This is my first attempt at altering a book or making an art journal. I used it for my final Drawing class assignment, we only had to create a drawing, medium of choice...and I went overboard, as usual! The child's hard cardboard page book only cost .25 at the thrift store. Then I covered the spreads with papers, gesso, whatever...and quotes that I felt were relative to my feelings at the time. The background art in the first pic are other students work from the class.


  1. That is beautiful!! I love all your art and then the words you chose to go with your paintings! Perfect!! Wishing you a happy day! Love, Silke

  2. Lots of fun going on in this one, Suzi. and I love all the quotes, they're great!

  3. very cool...beautiful work. love your quote on beauty.

  4. Absolutely love this book! Found you on FaceBook, now I'm going to have to follow you, so I don't miss a beat! :) Or... turquoise painted toes!

  5. una belleza, sugerente, un saludo