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Monday, May 17, 2010

My Hero and me....

This picture was taken at a wedding about 5-6 years ago...Mom was heavier then, now 25-30 lbs lighter...due to her problems... She would never let me take a pic of her now....but she is still a beauty....even sick...you cannot escape inner beauty as well as outer beauty. And she is both...
I take after her...petite, but I am taller than a petite....????!!!!
She could have been in the movies, such beauty...............................................................
I hope to gather some of her strength through her health ordeals.....she is an Italian dynamo, just hope some of it has rubbed off on me!!!!


  1. You've got her nose and chin. Cute!

  2. your mother looks like a beautiful and kind woman. You are lucky to have such a shining example, and I am sure you take after her.
    Praying for healing for her

  3. Oh, sweet Suzi, I am so sorry you and your mom are going through this! It has got to be so hard for both of you! I am just glad you have each other. And you are right, she is a beauty as are you! You both have those gorgeous cheek bones. I'm sending much love your way!! Silke

  4. Hey Suzi,
    Sorry your mom is sick. I will pray for her. This is a gorgeous photo of both of you. You are both so lovely!!

  5. I am sorry that your Mom is not well. Prayers of strength, healing, and comfort are sent your way (for both of you).

  6. You all are so special, thank you!

  7. so sorry to hear of your moms challenges...the strength you needed to discover to help her probably came from you mom...she sounds like a fighter...a peaceful warrior....we are fighting the battle in our home, too...only it is my darling husband ove 30 yrs....I am digging deep for inner strenght,too

    Heart Hugs,

  8. God bless you Suzi and your sweet Mother. You both will be in my prayers. Sending you a big hug!
    Love, Kelly