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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Do You Believe in the Power of Prayer?

If you do, all I ask is that you say a little prayer for my Mother...yesterday we got word that one of her CAT SCANS, abdomen, had a suspicious area...right near her colostomy. She has suspicious nodules in her lungs and they are not sure if cancer has returned...and we have been dealing with that since Oct, when they were discovered..not much change in those, which I guess is good. But the lung specialist sent her to a Dr for serious weight loss and digestive disease. Now, he is sending us to her Oncologist with this new result. Which is scheduled for Thurs. He will take it from here with more tests. I do not look forward to tomorrow.

The problem is that she is fading away from life...massive problems with the colostomy...and has trouble even talking and walking, she is sooo weak. When I hug her, I get sick to my stomach and can't eat myself...she is skin covering a skeleton. But she is still so beautiful and giving, loving....We both hugged and cried and she said to me that we needed to take care of things...she nor I like to think about it, but we have to be strong and do it. We have always been so close...and she said to me, while I was holding her fragile body in my arms (after the Dr's call), that we have been through so much and it can't last. She is my best friend, my hero...and has suffered like no human being should have to....since her first cancer diagnosis in 1992. Rectal cancer, then 2 years later, after losing a sister to breast cancer 4 months earlier, had cancer in both breasts at the same time....has almost lost her life 3 times to the colostomy and can't live a normal life, she has not been able to travel or enjoy life because her colostomy keeps her house-bound. Many people have told her they would not live like that...and that is a real hard thing to hear...she fights for her life everyday and never gave up....no matter what. Like I have said...she is my Hero...


  1. I'm so sorry to read your post, Suzi!! I will pray for your mom and you!!
    sending you hugs.

  2. Thank you Megan and Manon...it means so much!
    hugs back...

  3. Hi Suzi
    I have not been able to read your entire post. it reminds me so much of my daddy.
    I just want to let you know that somewhere in Paris, France, someone is praying for both of you.

  4. Dearest Suzi, Your brave mum and you. How much she has had to go through. Cancer and long life pain is too much. Your mum sounds a true warrior for love. Pray and ask the holy spirit to come to you and wait for some tingling in your hands. Then place your hands on top of your mums head and concentrate on God coming through you, to your mum. Open up by singing and praising Him.
    Praise is the key to heavens door.
    Don't give up keep doing this as long as you feel needed.
    Sometimes you will feel an angel around her. You may feel that this is her time from the angel. The angel will give you a feeling of peace. Knowing she is being cared for and that heaven is waiting for her arrival.
    I do know some people have prayed for three days and God as answered their prayers.
    You and your mum need less pain.
    Have you ever fasted, or can do if your health is ok.
    When you fast and deny your body from food. You can get closer to God.
    My friend Lucy and I use to fast during the day and pray. Have a meal in the evening with our hubbies. This maybe to much for you at the moment. Maybe at church they could fast and pray.
    I do hope this message doesn't sound like a know it all and hope it is sending pure love!
    You are a sister in Christ and so special!
    Sending love to you both!


  5. Suzi I am so sorry and heart broken to hear your poor mother is going through so much. You are both in my prayers. God how I wish this dreaded disease would finally be eradicated...too many people are suffering

  6. Suzi, I'm so sorry to hear of your mother and her troubles. That is so hard to see, I remember watching my mother when she was ill too. They always take care of us and then there comes a time when we are there to do the holding, praying and worrying for THEM. My prayers are with you!!
    Thanks for your visit♥

  7. Thank you ladies for your comforting words and thoughts...it means so much.

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  9. Hi Suzi....Send tons of prayers and hugs your way....It's such a tough road to take...My thought are with you and your mom...Karin

  10. Suzi..I found your blog while searching through some, trying to find a place to begin mine, and from time to time I've come back and read yours. It's UNCANNY how your life seems to parallel mine. And we're the same age, lol. Maybe it's age? haha, I don't know.. But sometimes the burdens of life just gets too great and I just can't stand. I imagine you feel that way from your posts about your mom. Many prayers to you for that. and that is what has prompted me to finally comment here. My heart breaks for you. I cried myself to sleep last night over my own Mom. See, my grandma (mom's mom) passed away in April of 09. My Mom seemed to die with her. I can't find her anymore. and this has been some journey. I can't even hardly write about it but it's the only way to release ..that and pray, and cry out to God. So, I decided to do the same for you and your Mom. I was going to try to send you a private comment, but I don't know how to do that. Blogging is new to me!!! Anyway, hope to hear from you.
    God bless and I will pray for the both of you.