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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Started a New Painting for Class

This is the start of a new painting in my art class, Titled: "How Much Fun Can I Have Before I Go To Hell?" It is pure fun, I hope it doesn't offend anyone, but I have had one hell of a year and have decided to do all my paintings for therapeutic reasons...what I have been going thru and feeling...but with my Whimsy touch. It will be a semester of me or interpretations of me in different situations. This is just 3 painting hrs into this one, I see where my face needs to be fuller and my chin is too long and sharp...

I am using mixed media for this piece and the frame. Also, I am trying different painting styles...this is one I want to experiment on...using shapes and strokes of color, but I just wanted to get the piece all worked in with color, and now I can go to town. I provided the photo I am basing my look from...needs a lot of work, but having fun!

I will keep posting as I move thru it. Stay tuned...

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