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Friday, March 12, 2010

FiNi~ no title yet...

I have been working on this particular still life since the beginning of the semester...but also working on two others during that time as well. Every time I'd go into the studio, the light was always different, the bottle had been moved, the fabric as well...so a lot of starts and stops and re-dos. Well yesterday, was my day to get it fini!!! The smaller one at the top is part of the project we had...to create a large painting of this still life and then take a section of our painting and paint it on a smaller canvas in a totally different manner...I love the smaller one so much, it is acrylic and the large on is in oils. No titles yet, but I will think of something...


  1. just beautiful dear. i'm still in awe at where you get to paint!
    hugs beautiful woman!

  2. Thanks Beauty!
    But it is the WVU-P campus art studio...I am working on my home for spring changes and one of those changes is a lot of studio room and less living space!

  3. Wonderful! glass is so hard to paint for me, the refleccion is beautiful. Great job.
    You can come over to paint whenever you want ;)