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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Title: First Date

This was a class project in soft pastel with gesso...you apply gesso to paper (I used watercolor paper), but first mix acrylic paint into the gesso for a nice color. Once dry, you use your soft pastels and get some great results with the way the gesso texture comes through and the color underneath, too! I doodled some things sitting there trying to come up with something...and here it is. I call it First Date. Reminded me of people meeting someone for the first time and wondering...now what???


  1. This piece makes me smile! It's very joyous!!

  2. These are great, really colourful. I love your header too, which has a similar style to it. First dates can be wonderful if you like the guy but I've had many awful blind dates too!

  3. This pastel art is full of life and fun. Love their cheeks and how deep their eyes are.
    I sometimes make an aweful mess with pastels and other times a happy mess.
    This art looks like you have them totally in your control,it's beautiful!
    Suzi, I'm glad someone understands,lol!
    What are we like? Do you think everyone feels the same way?

    Hope you have an amazing week!



  4. Juli-Ann, you are the sweetest! I think some of us are made from the same cloth, and others have their cloths...that is what makes us all different, but able to connect with certain people better than others.

  5. this is so cool...i love your art!