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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Glimpses of Spring Around My Abode...

Got back to Parkersburg, WV, to see what has happened since I have only been gone 4 days!!! Lots apparently! Bulbs are starting to sprout and be proud!!! Love it..we had a fear the mighty Ohio River might flood and it is below range ...Thank God!!! It can sure change lives forever when it decides to take over...glorious and beautiful...but mighty, and never doubt it...I have lost many friends to it's water's.


  1. oh my you are far ahead of us in the arrival of spring! they are calling for warmer temps here this week and that should help.

  2. I LOVE your red door & mailbox! I've been wanting to paint our front door red for years. Maybe this spring I will finally do it!

  3. Oh, so beautiful!! I love when everything starts growing in spring. And how everything explodes after just a couple of warm days... Glad the river isn't flooding!! Love, Silke