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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Study Within a Study...

This green/blue section of a decanter is taken from a small section of a larger oil painting from a still life in painting class, (which is not finished and I will be there all day tomorrow finishing it for our mid-terms...) anyhoo ...I have posted the original in stages (but this is my latest) and needed to get a small section and go in any direction I wanted, style, color, medium...whatever moved us and here it is... Maybe I am broadening my horizons...hopefully... and experimenting with different styles....
So, I chose acrylic and painted over tissue paper on canvas board. Have no idea what to call it...which is so unusual for me...I give everyone great names for their pieces...all whimsical, of course.


  1. WOW! I love the technique, the perception of this still life through your eyes and the colors!!!! Will be anxious to see the whole picture when it's complete!!!!

    Thanks for sharing!!!

  2. Amazing!!!! I love your art Suzi. I love the style in which you use. So different. It makes me feel like it's another world out there that we know nothing about. A artistic peaceful world. Thank you for these paintings. Also thank you for following me on my blog. I know that Hip Hop is a difficult genre of music to listen to but once you find out the history and can appreciate the honesty that a few artist brings you will love it. I pray that I can be someone you listen to when you paint or cook or just driving to the store I would love that. Tae care and thank you for everything.