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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Drawing Class assignment...self portrait

This was so much fun to create for Drawing Class...had to be a self-portrait. I have drawn and painted so many self-portraits and bottles this year that I decided to combine the two! I am Italian and like my wine...and save bottles for Gawd knows what...
So I took pics of myself "smoking" a paint brush, I do not smoke but liked the representation of my paint brushes smoke when I paint and in the moment. I added a crystal tear drop to represent paint dripping...and each work created is a little gem. I drew myself on black paper with colored pencil.
I titled it ArTsy phArTsy...a full bodied wine...not for the faint of heArT. Vintage 1959, the year I was created. The back label was fun to write, all silly ArTsy stuff. Class at critique last night loved it...now everyone wants me to make wine...


  1. Great bottle art (being a wine lover myself)! Love the little stopper guy at the top too!

  2. It's in our blood to hord wine bottles, don't you know that! lol

    Let me tel you that this is a masterful creation! what brilliance you've shown here...smoking a paint brush! that is the best...and the complimentary labeling !!! love, love, love it!

    you are a creative stallion!

    ciao bella
    creative carmelina was here and loved every minute of it!

  3. Love this self portrait, what a way to share yourself. Inventive!