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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I'm the one in the middle...

"Nobody cares if you can dance well...Just get up and dance."
Dancing school at Mrs' Wilhelm's School of Dance...every Saturday...of course this was from a recital....my best friend is next to me with the skinned knee...probably from wiping out on our bikes...she is much taller than me now. I was an early bloomer, I guess. Always taller than the boys....then, everyone grew and I stopped in 6th grade. I was planning on maybe being a model since I was so hideously taller than all my friends for so long.....and I am only 5'3/4". But then I felt like the Jolly Green Giant. And forget about what else was growing....


  1. 5'3/4" tall??

    I could toss you around like a Rag-Doll...

  2. Suzi, I had the exact same experience with getting tall early! I was so much taller than most kids in my class in elementary school and my parents and siblings were short so I was very tall compared to them. I didn't know I was short until I got to high school!! LOL

    Thanks for posting!