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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Oh...the pain, the pain...

This is how I have been feeling since Thursday! This wonderful painting titled "The Scream", by Edvard Munch is what I have been doing and feeling...screaming every time I move...my neck, shoulders...I can't even put my hair into a pony tail with out a scream...the pets are used to it all by now. At first, they all scattered and so did the fur for cover, now they just look at me and shake their tails...hummmm.

Anyway if Edvard were here today and painted my portrait, this would be me...7 days with this living hell, the family size pack of frozen peas is now my best friend for all the hourly icing I am instructed to do. And for not so good pain relief...and I have tried them all...my pill of choice is plain old (stomach-lining-eating) aspirin. It has worked over the years. I found out I had arthritis in my neck when I was sculpting about 6 years ago and had to have physical therapy just to be able to work. Now, the new x-rays are hideous! It looks like some foreign object has taken over my neck bones and is growing as I type. Plus, it is appearing to fuse no. 5 and 6 vertebra together. Arthritis...I hate getting old, and this is from the type of work I have always done!

So, I am seeing a great chiropractor who is an Angel and has worked on me everyday...even saw me on Sunday!!! But now she is out of town and I have to wait until Monday....I could not stay for my painting class on Monday and today I have drawing class...and I have lots to do before finals next week....frozen peas, anyone?


  1. I do hope you are painfree real soon!

  2. I hope the pain eases Suzi! That sounds awful!! I'm sending you some healing vibes!!

  3. Thank you ladies sooo much,I already feel the good vibes!