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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

"D" is for Delilah and her Hat

May I introduce you all to Delilah. She is in her blue mood, as you can tell by her coloring. Her hat has some funky flowers made from my old paper palettes that I save. I love how all the colors that are mixed on them make their own little creative statement! I used a paper punch for the floral shapes and glued the three flowers to her hat.
She obviously has something on her mind...what I wonder. And what is she focusing on??


  1. hi
    where do you find inspiration for your hats?

  2. Naija, I actually have trouble , I think I will need to look at old hats or pics to get inspired. I have a wondeful vintage hat collection, and some of them are totally wacky!
    Hugs, Suzi