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Saturday, April 11, 2009

A View of My Booth

Here is a glimpse of my booth at a local shop called The Mad Hen! Those "Chicks" are the coolest! I have an old display cabinet filling up with my "stuff". As you can see, I have made cards and prints of my paintings. I also have the jewelry designed with my art, journals, gift boxes, coasters, and home decor items I redesign and give new life to. I want to open an Etsy shop with my items, but am a little intimidated.


  1. Your booth looks great and very inviting. Definitely consider opening an Etsy shop...it's easy. I think your goods would sell well.
    Have a happy Easter.

  2. hello
    i thought you already sold your art..:0

  3. So cool-everything looks so nice!
    You have no reason to hold back on opening an Etsy shop. You have so much to offer, do it!!

  4. Love the cards!!
    Have a Happy Easter!

  5. This is a fantastic idea...Go for it..:) Happy Easter!
    Art on Sketchbook

  6. WoW!!! Thanks for all the encouraging words! I believe it is time to "go for it"!!!

  7. Yay, Im so glad youre going to do it! You will do great there!!

  8. Wow your stuff looks great! How colorful and fun. Thanks for stopping by again and leaving a wonderful comment on my painting.


  9. Open the shop...today!
    Oh my goodness, you have to!!!!!!!!

  10. Suzi don't be intimadated. No way. Totally open the shop.

    Is tomorrow too soon to come back and see if it is open?

    Suzi thank you for your nice comments. xoxo

    Love Renee