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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Other Ideas

Sorry about the quality of my photos! Still quite new at this... Here is my small cabinet that I found and painted with a scene. It is in a local shop for sale. They sell primitives and lots of funky stuff!
This is a set for Easter that I made using prints of my original painting, Bunnie's Hat. I painted a gift box and filled it with crinkled black paper. The little square box gift bag is out of paper mache, which I embellished with my print and acrylic paint. I added the crinkled paper to it also. It would be sweet to give to someone with tiny chocolates or a piece of jewelry inside! And last, I made greeting cards. What fun!!!


  1. hi
    what a lovely idea to decorate the furniture with a decorative painting..you reminded me of that my youngest boy kevin wanted a cartoontable hmm...

  2. I love the little cabinet, so gorgeous, you have done a great job making it so "pretty" love it...:)

  3. Thank you so much!!! I hope to paint some more items very soon!
    XoXo, Suzi

  4. Hello!

    Wonderful blog lots of goodies I really love the little cabinet! So cute and prim!


  5. Thank you and I intend to paint more items for home decor!
    XoXo, Suz

  6. Hey I love the primitve decor, love the painted little stand...you ave to paint me something you talented person YUO...love you! Janet

  7. I guess I should have proof read before I sent, I am making my corrections! LOL Have and YOU!! lol