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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Does This Lipstick Make My Butt Look Big???

This was so much fun to do!!! I have been wanting to do a series of "Up In Smoke" images in honor of my Daddy, who smoked up to and on the day he went to Heaven!
I used old newspaper for the cigarette,ashes and the round tree shrubs. Then I used matches that I lit and burned, then glued on the canvas for the tree trunks. I actually lit a candle and tried to burn the cigarette end to get an ash look, can't really tell from my scan. The rest is painted with acrylic and finished with a clear protective gloss.
This one is for you Daddy!!!


  1. First of all the painting is stunning! The title just made me laugh. I am sorry about your Dad though...

  2. So glad I made you laugh, it served it's purpose!!! Thanks, Diane!
    XoXo, Suzi

  3. Love it!!! Very creative and the title is hilarious!!!

  4. I LOVE ALL YOUR ART, but this piece gave me my chuckle for the day....thanks! bonnie