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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Bunnie's Hat

This painting was a lot of fun! Notice the egg trees in the background... I painted this piece on a block of wood in acrylics. Then I sealed it with a nice gloss varnish.
I got this idea for a series, let me know what you think!! After I painted "Miriam's Hat" and "Bunnie's Hat", I thought I should go through the alphabet with names and each character is wearing their hat, The Hat Series. I also want to do a Cocktail Hour Series with the characters enjoying their fav cocktail, and the names of the cocktails would follow the alphabet also...


  1. Aloha! New visitor here. :) I noticed we share a love for some of the same blogs, so I had to come over and take a peek at your work. Love it! This is hard to explain, but there is such a sense of purity to your work that I find really refreshing.

    I love your idea for a series - you should do it! What an accomplishment that would be to get through the entire alphabet!

    Anyway, just wanted to introduce myself and let you know that I am following along...hope you are having a wonderful week!


  2. Thank you sooo much for the lovely comments about my work, it really makes it all worthwhile! I will step on over to your blog now!
    Hugs, Suzi

  3. Love this painting Suzi, her expression is just perfect. I love the idea for a series too, def take it on! I can't wait to see. Congratulations on the award too & thankyou so much for choosing me! I am honoured that you love Billy & Button!! Kaili xx

  4. ooops... its not an Easter series... I have bunny on the brain I guess.... Let me re-phrase - I love the Hat series... and can't wait to see the cocktail series! :) Kim xxxx

  5. I love the egg trees sUzi! And what a fabulous idea for a series!
    iN jOy,

  6. Hi Suzie - I would love to know where you (and others like you) get such wonderful original ideas! I love the rabbit and egg trees - very unique and - original! A whole set would be quite an undertaking - but I'd say you were ready for the challenge! Thanks for thinking of me for your award - such a nice gesture! Have a great weekend - hope it's lovely in your part of the world - coming down from high temps of 38-41 degrees here - and that's celcius!!!

  7. Whoa, that sounds cold...It is turning into Spring!!!! My bulbs are all blooming!I am so happy you like my work and quirky sense of humor! I don't know where the ideas flow from, I just try to see things in fun and different ways. Maybe it is from working in advertising for yrs where I had to think very fast and be creative all the time, even when it wasn't inside of me. Also, I try to imagine a world or setting that is more surreal and even child like!