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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Secret Box

This was an old recipe box I found at a local thrift store. I finally decided what to do with it. I painted the box and layered colors of black and red. Then I added scraps of paper for my design. I painted the inside of the box black and will line it with some pretty paper.

The top of the box is lush in color and I used a crackle finish that worked perfectly. I used a rubber stamp to get a soft pattern in the background surrounding the woman. I like pearls and gave her a matching set!


  1. Gorgeous work! Im in the middle of painting a wooden pencil box, and I am really enjoying painting on the wood. You've done a great job with this Suz!

  2. Thanks so much, I just added an image of the whole box that I did not have on there! OOps! It is fun to paint on wooden pieces, now I am trying a small chest.

  3. This is great! I love the colors you chose.

    How did you get your crackle finish to work so well? Mine always turns out looking like crap.

  4. Jennifer, I was lucky this time, but usually they do not work so well. I tried it again last night without much crackle at all. I am using a one-step crackle.

  5. Thank you all for the encouraging comments!!! XoXo, Suzi