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Sunday, March 29, 2009

My Current Work Table Projects

I have been so busy at "the drawing board" and thought I'd take some photos to share with you. I am working on some new sculptures of my characters that I paint. Here is a head for what I think I will title "Bird Brain". She will have a bird's nest "hat" with a sculpted birdie nesting in it.
The top photo shows some jewelry ideas using utensils and collages of my art and a photo of me at 6 yrs old... I will show more later, when completed. I am just experimenting with some ideas I had! Fun stuff. I am also painting and collaging paper mache boxes to go with the jewelry and larger boxes for gift ideas.


  1. hi

    Many people out there loves birds so dont forget add a bird or two for her :)

  2. Thanks, I plan to! I am going to sdulpt a little bird for her hat and one to hold.